Do You Know The #1 Problem With Most Magnesium Formulas?

The #1 problem with most magnesium formulas is poor absorption.

If the only magnesium types in your current magnesium supplement are forms not easily absorbed by the body, you might as well throw that bottle away. 

Your magnesium should also include this new breakthrough form of magnesium that allows for higher magnesium absorption in the body.

The bioavailability of this breakthrough magnesium technology helps your body absorb the mineral so you can FEEL the difference.

 It provides:

  • MORE energy to get things done throughout your day with zero crashes
  • MORE support for healthy bone development
  • MORE magnesium to support over 300 biochemical reactions in the body
  • MORE relief from muscle aches and pains
  • MORE deep and restorative sleep

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Client Testimonials

"Night and day difference with quality of sleep and muscle cramps"
Wayne R.
"My sleep and bowel movements seem to be better since taking this. I'm hoping it will make keeping my blood sugar in a healthy range that much easier. I've subscribed so I'm not without it."
“I like the new Magnesium Breakthrough. I have always struggled knowing which form of Mg to use and this one has them all! I feel like it helps digestion and sleep..”
Rebecca H.

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